Things I sewed (pre-blog)

Sis Boom Devon Tunic V3

Cake Patterns Pavlova Top

Cake Patterns Pavlova Top

Style Arc Creative Cate

Style Arc Creative Cate

Liberty Needlecord Skirt

Liberty Needlecord Skirt

New Ironing Board Cover!

Onesie – a gift for a friend.

A Knit Skirt for my Mum

Husband’s PJ shorts.

Draught excluders – gift for a friend

Colette Jasmine Blouse

Red Spot Sewaholic Renfrew

Cake PatternsTiramisu V1

Cake PatternsTiramisu V2

Cake PatternsPavlova Skirt

Vogue 1247

Sis Boom Devon V2


2 Comments on “Things I sewed (pre-blog)”

  1. Sally says:

    Lots of nice wearable clothing here…. The collette jasmine blouse looks nice. And you made a Onsie! LOL well done! Very up to date!

    (I’m trying my first blouse/shirt at the moment.)

    • Fiona M says:

      Heheh! Yes, the Onesie was a leaving present for a colleague who left to work from home. It was meant as a bit of a joke really, but she loved it!

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