Pure Barrie Breeks …


I made pants!  This is a trial pair of the recently released Barrie Briefs pattern from Kitschy Coo Patterns.  Amanda is best known for her amazing kids clothing made from bright and cheery Lillestof jerseys, which she also happens to stock in her shop.

According to Amanda, ‘Barrie’ is an Edinburgh slang term meaning ‘excellent’, and ‘Pure’ is widely used in Scotland as a superlative.  And these really are the most excellent pants ever!

I made these technicolour wonders from scraps of jersey leftover from other projects.  I made the largest size (I’m a RTW UK 20).  The pattern has options for low and medium rise.  I prefer a high rise, so I modified the pattern slightly, adding 2″ to the length of both the back & front pattern pieces.  The result is a perfect fit on my natural waist, and everywhere else, for that matter.

The instructions are beautifully clear and concise, and they took 90 minutes to make, including pulling scraps of fabric out of the waste basket, printing and sticking the pattern together (just 5 pages), cutting out and sewing on the overlocker.

I’m wearing them today, and I can honestly say they are the comfiest, best fitting pants ever.  I will definitely be making lots  more!