Gnomes World …

Just a quick post today as we are going out shortly with the in-laws to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary (theirs, not ours!).

Yesterday I made this Kitschy Coo Mini Penny Pinafore for my little God daughter, Holly.  She’s six and a half.  We don’t have any children of our own, but Holly brings a lot of sunshine into our lives and is an adorable little girl with impeccable manners and a delightful nature.

Holly’s favourite colour is red, so I hope she will like this little summer dress.

The pattern is super easy to sew, and very practical, washable and supremely wearable.  I can see that I’ll be making more of these – no doubt in a variety of themes!


The pattern covers from 6 months to 10 yrs, and there are tunic and dress lengths, plus short and long sleeve variations.  After checking measurements, I made the short sleeve dress length in age 9/10, with age 8 length, as she doesn’t like things to be too close fitting.  I’ve turned up a generous 2″ hem, so hope this will last her for a couple of seasons.



8 Comments on “Gnomes World …”

  1. BeaJay says:

    Very cute dress.

  2. Chris Lucas says:

    Oh it looks adorable! It’s actually fun sewing small cute clothes… always puts a smile on my face and I have a feeling it put quite a few on yours as well 🙂

  3. Béa says:

    That’s so cute!!! What a lovely godmother you are!

  4. helen says:

    Love it! I haven’t bought this pattern but I have seen it on the website. I like the option for using two fabrics dress. Is the fabric also from Kitschy Coo?

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Helen! The recipient is very happy with it, I’m told it’s getting lots of wear! The Gnomes World fabric came from eBay, and the red & white stripes came from Kitschy Coo. I’ve promised a similar dress for a colleague’s 2 yr old, which I hope to make this weekend, as I have a little of both fabrics left over.

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