Gnomes World …

Just a quick post today as we are going out shortly with the in-laws to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary (theirs, not ours!).

Yesterday I made this Kitschy Coo Mini Penny Pinafore for my little God daughter, Holly.  She’s six and a half.  We don’t have any children of our own, but Holly brings a lot of sunshine into our lives and is an adorable little girl with impeccable manners and a delightful nature.

Holly’s favourite colour is red, so I hope she will like this little summer dress.

The pattern is super easy to sew, and very practical, washable and supremely wearable.  I can see that I’ll be making more of these – no doubt in a variety of themes!


The pattern covers from 6 months to 10 yrs, and there are tunic and dress lengths, plus short and long sleeve variations.  After checking measurements, I made the short sleeve dress length in age 9/10, with age 8 length, as she doesn’t like things to be too close fitting.  I’ve turned up a generous 2″ hem, so hope this will last her for a couple of seasons.



One Trick Pony …


I’ve been a bit slack in the sewing and blogging departments lately.  We had visitors for the weekend of Le Tour De France, which meant a week of cleaning beforehand, followed by a weekend of feasting, partying and generally having a ball, and then a further weekend of extremely good weather which led to some much needed exterior painting of the house.  All in all, no time to sew.

Today I finally hemmed the brown & cream dress I made weeks ago, and made yet another Creative Cate.  This one is not for me though, it’s for my friend Carol, who liked my blue one very much when she saw me in it.  So I made one in her colours.  I hope she likes it!


happy birthday Vera! …

I made this apron for my Mother in Law, whose brthday is this weekend. I didn’t want to blog it last week in case she saw it, but I think we are out of danger now!



A birthday present for Vera

A birthday present for Vera