‘Drive By’ Post …

Hi all!  Just a quick post today, as I have spent most of my time altering the clothes I sewed last week for mum.  I swear she is shrinking on a daily basis!

I picked up some white 100% cotton jersey, with a textured stripe, in the local market on Friday.  £3 per metre.  I bought 1.5 metres and made another Style Arc Creative Cate.  The fabric is a bit stiff really; not drapey enough, and shrank spectacularly when I pre-washed it at 60 degrees.  I had to, because I just know, being white, it is going to get thrown in a hot wash sometime by accident.  I photograped it before I re-washed it and gave it a good soak in fabric softener to see it that would help it along a bit, but it isn’t dry yet.  I’m sure it’ll be fine – it looked much better on a real body than on the hanger anyway.


Then I decided to make another.  This time in a very lightweight viscose jersey, mushroom colour, with a dark coffee slub.  I bought heaps of this in the Girl Charlee sale, intending to make a maxi dress, for which, unfortunately, it is far too lightweight.  This one is super duper drapey!


Then a quick crafty project, a present for a friend who is not too well at the moment.  A Needlebook come mending kit.

Image Image

Made from scraps of fleece, felt, ribbon and quilting cotton.  On the other ‘pages’, there are pre-threaded needles, spare buttons etc.  I will slip a little pair of embroidery snips and a tiny tape measure in the little inside  pockets back & front.


4 Comments on “‘Drive By’ Post …”

  1. helen says:

    Really like the coffee coloured one, the front drape looks perfect.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thank you! I really like the Creative Cate pattern, it’s so easy to make. It turns out differently each time, depending on the fabric I use. I think the best results so far have been the ones with viscose or cotton & spandex blends from myfabrics.co.uk. The coffee fabric is nice visually, but so lightweight, it’s almost sheer!

  2. BeaJay says:

    Gotta love the Creative Cate. Your versions are lovely. That white fabric looks really interesting and the mushroom one looks like it would be fantastic to wear in summer. I must do some no patterned CCs. Very sweet craft projects too.

    • Fiona M says:

      Ta BeaJay! I’m pleased to report that a good soak in fabric softener, and a run over with the iron, has improved the look of the white one enormously!
      I’ll give this pattern a rest now, and try the Anne T next, I think.

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