More adventures in pattern drafting …

Behold, a self-drafted Maxi dress.


The fabric is a John Kaldor viscose jersey knit, with a cream on brown ‘rattan’ pattern from the very depths of my stash – in fact, I ‘found it’ whilst desperately trying to stuff carefully place newly acquired fabrics into a drawer that is not nearly big enough.

I used the Butterick bodice pattern from another dress to get a rough shape for the top, the original pattern called for a self lined bodice, which was not what I was after, so I used the Tilton Ultimate T shirt method of binding on both neckline and sleeves.  The skirt is just two rectangles, gathered using the gathering foot on my overlocker (which really didn’t impress me much, perhaps I wasn’t using it right?) and attached to the bodice.  I also reinforced this seam with clear elastic tape.

Now, if we are being super fussy, the pattern matching on the bodice/skirt seam isn’t great.  In fact, it’s shocking.  But this is a long, loose, comfortable dress for wearing in hot weather, which is what we are currently blessed with here in Yorkshire

I will leave it to drop before hemming.


‘Drive By’ Post …

Hi all!  Just a quick post today, as I have spent most of my time altering the clothes I sewed last week for mum.  I swear she is shrinking on a daily basis!

I picked up some white 100% cotton jersey, with a textured stripe, in the local market on Friday.  £3 per metre.  I bought 1.5 metres and made another Style Arc Creative Cate.  The fabric is a bit stiff really; not drapey enough, and shrank spectacularly when I pre-washed it at 60 degrees.  I had to, because I just know, being white, it is going to get thrown in a hot wash sometime by accident.  I photograped it before I re-washed it and gave it a good soak in fabric softener to see it that would help it along a bit, but it isn’t dry yet.  I’m sure it’ll be fine – it looked much better on a real body than on the hanger anyway.


Then I decided to make another.  This time in a very lightweight viscose jersey, mushroom colour, with a dark coffee slub.  I bought heaps of this in the Girl Charlee sale, intending to make a maxi dress, for which, unfortunately, it is far too lightweight.  This one is super duper drapey!


Then a quick crafty project, a present for a friend who is not too well at the moment.  A Needlebook come mending kit.

Image Image

Made from scraps of fleece, felt, ribbon and quilting cotton.  On the other ‘pages’, there are pre-threaded needles, spare buttons etc.  I will slip a little pair of embroidery snips and a tiny tape measure in the little inside  pockets back & front.

Selfless Sewing …

I finally have my overlocker back, after two trips to the sewing machine repair shop, all is finally well.  It turned out that the stitch finger had bent, and then it broke off when the repair man tried to straighten it.  So I have a new plate.  Tension problems have been traced and rectified, and the presser foot has been screwed back on properly.

So this afternoon I hammered out two skirts and a top for my mum.  Selfless, that’s me. The top is another Maria Denmark Kirsten, this time with elbow length sleeves.  The skirt is a simple elasticated stretch knit affair, with a nice lettuced hem; mum’s favourite style of skirt.  Times two

.Image Image Image

Tomorrow, I’ll sew something for myself 🙂

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!