Kermit the Frog … with measles

I wasted a few hours hours today, sewing up a Style Arc Belinda top.  It’s a pattern I’ve had in my stash for a while – in fact, it’s one of the first Style Arc patterns I ever bought.  I made size 18, not quite realising how much weight I’ve lost.

The problem with Style Arc Patterns is that they only come in a single size.  You buy size 18, you get size 18.  You lose weight, you buy a smaller pattern 😦  Unfortunately I now have a pile of size 18 Style Arc top patterns and a size 14/16 pair of boobs.  This top looks pretty dreadful on me.

Even more annoying, it’s one of the more challenging things I’ve sewn, and I was really pleased with the end result, until I tried it on.  I had some difficulties visualising how the drape should be attached.  Style Arc instructions are hilarious for their brevity!  I worked it out, eventually.

The fabric is a lovely quality medium weight apple green cotton/lycra jersey, with white pin dots, very stretchy, with good recovery. 

Here’s a pic on Brunnhilde:


Sadly, these days I am somewhat depleted in the mammary dept, so it doesn’t fit me.  Back to the drawing board.


10 Comments on “Kermit the Frog … with measles”

  1. Béa says:

    Oh how disappointing! And it’s such a lovely top on Brunnhilde. Any chance of a rescue? Or is it a case of completely starting from scratch again? It’s a lovely pattern so I hope you can make it work.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Béa! I should have thought about it really, having reduced from a G to a DD over the past few months. I will try it on again today and see if it’s fixable. I might be able to take it in up the side seams.
      Would you like the pattern? I won’t be using it again. The size 18 fits bust 44, waist 37.5, hip 43.5.

      • Béa says:

        That’s so kind of you! I need to think about the grading as I’m quite a bit bigger than you, but I reckon if you can take it in at the sides, then I could take it out there too! And knits are quite forgiving. Can I email you? I’m mizztigger at hotmail dot co dot uk.

  2. Chris Lucas says:

    That’s such a shame about the fit… but then again it’s a good that you’re shrinking lol. Hopefully with a little tweaking with the side seams and maybe even adding in a bust dart you might be able to get this pretty little top to fit you 🙂

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Chris, I was really disappointed, more so because i’d taken such care over the making of it and it has turned out nicely – just too big! I think it is fixable, but I’ve had to put it aside for a while.
      I am shrinking so slowly I had forgotten to check measurements. I will probabl;y re-purchase this pattern in a smaller size, because I do like it.

  3. helen says:

    It’s an interesting design, I like the draping. I have never looked at style arc patterns. Where was the fabric from? Like the colour of it.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Helen. The fabric is from – where you got your blue polka dot from. I went looking for some like yours but I bought other colours!
      Style Arc patterns are fab, they are expensive though, cos they come from Australia and aren’t multiple sized.
      I made another SA pattern today, which I’ll blog later.

      • helen says:

        Thought the fabric might be ‘my fabrics’. After washing and wearing my Renfrew a numbers of times I’ve found the colour has faded a bit. Maybe washing inside out might help and poss 30 wash? I have cut out the red/pink I bought for a skater dress for my daughter and will take more care during laundry.

  4. BeaJay says:

    It does look lovely – a shame it doesn’t fit.

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