Needlebar Blues …

Hello Playmates.  No MMM pic today as I have been cleaning out chickens and other dirty chores, which is not when you want to be wearing your carefully hand made clothes, is it?

However, in other sewing related news, Mr Straightforward has been working very hard on my treadle machine.


An overnight soak in paraffin (machine, not husband) loosened a few things up nicely.  It all went belly up though, when the bucket sprang a leak.  Horrors.  Highly flammable paraffin gushing all over the floor! 

Never happier than when he is up to his ears in oily parts, WD40 and other dangerous chemicals, he has identified the cause of the problem.  The needlebar is bent, and was therefore well and truly jammed.



All sorted now, except I need a replacement needlebar.

And let’s hope he can remember where all the parts went …


2 Comments on “Needlebar Blues …”

  1. Chris Lucas says:

    Sounds like you’re making progress even with the mess… here’s hoping it’s all worth while in the end and you don’t have any spare pieces left over you she’s all put back together again 🙂

    • Fiona M says:

      Yes, she’s coming along. Fortunately I have been able to source a replacement part from a lady who breaks up old broken machines for parts. Hopefully it will arrive this week.
      The paraffin leak (you’ll know it as Kerosene) was a nightmare, but fortunately we have a tiled floor and it was easily cleaned up – good job I saw it happen though, I hate to think what would have occurred if it had happened during the overnight soaking!

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