The House of Idiot …

Years ago, comediennes French & Saunders did an hilarious spoof of an historical drama series called The House of Elliot.  The original programme was about a couple of posh Edwardian birds and their Fashion House.  French & Saunders version, called The House of Idiot, was rib ticklingly funny, with wobbly sets, lousy continuity and inane dialogue – in the style of Acorn Antiques, with frocks.  You can still find it on You Tube, if you look.

So, today, I finished the 3rd version of the my TNT Cake Patterns Hummingbird skirt.  I have two grey ones, in denim and needlecord, and wear them constantly, but I’m losing weight and they’ve become too big.  I thought it was the ideal time to make a new one, in a different colour.  I had this delicious dark blue stretch denim, with a golden shimmer woven into it, and a pretty floral FQ – I showed you them last week, remember?  They have been transformed, my dears, into this


A lovely, well fitting, Hummingbird skirt.  It doesn’t look great on Brunnhilde, of course, because I am now slimmer than she – ha!  I need to twiddle her dials a bit and sort her out.  (I’ve lost 3″ from my chest, 2″ from my waist, and 3″ from my hips since new year, and blimmin’ hard work it’s been too).  Anyway, on me, which is where it counts, this skirt is a jolly good fit and I’m delighted with it.

The pocket bags are really pretty, but of course no-one will see them.  I know they’re there though.


Construction wasn’t without incident.  I’m such a dimwit sometimes. ( I think lack of carbs has softened my brain).  I decided to lengthen the skirt by a few inches, but somewhere along the line I must have been distracted (by thoughts of food, probably) and it turns out I only lengthened the front pattern pieces.  Unfortunately, I discovered this today, when it came to stitching front & back together down the sides:  Eeek! The back is 3 inches shorter than the front, how can this be??  I was still desperately keen to have this version longer, so I sewed a strip of spare fabric onto the back – I didn’t have enough left to recut the whole of the back pieces.  I top stitched it to make a feature of it – kidding myself that nobody needs ever know it isn’t a style feature.


Even so, I didn’t leave myself enough to make a decent size of hem, so I just turned up a scant inch and hid the raw edge under some cherry coloured lace.  I think it looks rather nice.


I put an appliqued exposed jeans zip on the back for a bit of edgy-ness with which to impress the young people at work, but I made a bit of a mess of it and the top doesn’t line up as well as I’d like.


So, all in all, a collection of bloopers that nicely qualifies it for one of my lovely new labels:




6 Comments on “The House of Idiot …”

  1. Gjeometry says:

    I loved French and Saunders as well as Absolutely Fabulous!! Your skirt is just lovely! Fantastic pocket lining. So weird that the back would be shorter than the front?? Good save though. And, nice labels, LOL.

    • Fiona M says:

      Ha! No, not wierd at all, it was longer at the front because I had only lengthened the front pattern pieces and didn’t realise. I must have got distracted while I was doing it and thought I’d finished.
      Thanks for the comps, I’m dead pleased with the skirt and can’t wait to wear it!

  2. Béa says:

    Heehee! Now I’ve got Kathy Burke with chelsea buns on her ears in my head!

    With the hem design feature, and the exposed zip,this really is a skirt to be seen from the back. I do love the red hem lace. Along with the pocket linings, it’s a little bit of secret prettiness.

    • Fiona M says:

      Heheheh! Yes, I keep nipping back to YT to watch it again 🙂
      Thanks for the compliment. I’m on a roll, I’ve just posted my adjusted trousers from a week or two back!

  3. helen says:

    I loved ‘The House of Elliot’ and watched it all again on ITV 3 a few years back.
    The skirt looks great. I like the hem lace. Its the way to go when you want to avoid unnecessary bulk. As for the shorter back, I could hardly see it in the photo.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Helen, I’ll be wearing the skirt to work tomorrow! I made the improvisation at the back look as much as possible as though it was meant to be that way, and I hope I’ve pulled it off 🙂

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