Flat Bottomed Girls ….

We make the rockin’ world go round!

(With apologies to Queen – can’t get that darned song out of my head now!)

I futzed about with the Linda pattern, and did me a Flat Bottom Adjustment, which seemed a heck of a lot easier than a Full Bust one, somehow.  Here’s the altered pattern piece.


You may be able to see, I was originally thinking of adding a dart, but in the end I decided to just shave some off the hip curve – I eyeballed it too, so reckless.

I managed to squeeze a pair of cropped Linda’s out of my remaining fabric – I was just a couple of frustrating inches away from a second full length pair!  Here they are, all hemmed and just waiting for the waistband.  I need my elastic to arrive in the post before I can finish them, but an initial try on, sans waistband, was encouraging.


I like to wear cropped trousers on holiday, in the place of shorts.  I think hope they are more flattering.  Meanwhile, in other news.  I bent over last night to pick something up off the floor and heard a tremendous CRACK!  Couldn’t work out what it was at first, but eventually realised one of  my bra ‘wires’ had snapped in two!  The modern ones seem to be made of plastic – who knew?  I got weighed today and I’ve lost another Kg, so that’s 4kgs since new year – a full 2″ off the boobage, and my jeans are now comfortable to do up.

This is a bit of a dilemma really, as I have lots of sewing planned, but I don’t want to make a load of clothes that won’t fit me in 6 months time. :o/

I’ve cut out a 3rd version of my TNT skirt pattern, the Cake Hummingbird.  I don’t know if you can see it, but the dark blue denim has gold shimmery lycra woven in it, it’s gorgeous!  I had to think really hard about whether to ‘waste’ it on a skirt that might not fit for long, but hey, I’ve got to have clothes to wear now.   So I’m diving in.  The floral pocket lining is just a FQ of quilting cotton I bought in a random florals bundle from ebay ages ago – this is the last piece.  Purty, ain’t it?Image


4 Comments on “Flat Bottomed Girls ….”

  1. helen says:

    Well done on sorting out the bottom. The pattern paper you have used is really good for showing clearly where you have overlapped.
    I’ve just the machine out to start a pair of cords for the toddler for kids clothes week. Hoping they should be a straight forward make.

  2. Juliet says:

    Oh, I know your dilemma about sewing clothes while trying to lose weight! I’ve recently managed to shed some extra luggage from around my middle, but while I was doing so I was so unwilling to sew! My advice is to sew things that are easily adjustable, so in the future you can take them in as much (or little) as you want!

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks for dropping by Juliet! It certainly is making me think carefully about the things I am sewing. I’m in love with the current sparkly denim project, but I’ll make sure it’s adjustable for further weight loss!

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