The Craftsy Vogue Ultimate T Shirt

I first posted about this on Boxing Day.  My goodness that seems such a long time ago already!  It has lain unfinished all this time.  I wasn’t enjoying sewing this fabric.  Although I love the colour, the fabric is polyester jersey with a textured and holey layer of (? viscose) T-shirty stuff overlaid on it.  It creates static in spades.


I wish I had paid proper attention to the Craftsy lessons, instead of haring ahead in my own sweet way.  A work of art, it aint.  The neckband was an absolute pig to sew; the overlay is not attached fully to the bottom layer, to allow the attractive ‘bubble’ effect, but this means when it is cut you are left with loose bits sticking up randomly.


In hindsight, I should have used a strip of plain fabric for the neckband.  It may also be (dare I say) a bit on the loose side.  (I’m trying to lose some weight, so it probably fitted when I first tried it on).

Anyway, it is done.  My first completion of the year.  It will suffice as a warm work top, and it goes well with jeans, and my grey Hummingbird skirt.

The photos are taken with my new ‘Purelite’ daylight bulb, so give a much more accurate representation of the colour than the photos I had posted previously.


9 Comments on “The Craftsy Vogue Ultimate T Shirt”

  1. Well done you! Brave in fact, I have a fear of any stretchy fabrics …… I will use them as I love the comfort and drape but always have a cold sweat. I think you have done a lovely job and yes it really is a super colour. Xx

    • Fiona M says:

      Thank you! Well, I’m all about comfort me, so stretch is a pretty vital element of my clothes. The overlocker is very good for doing the seams, it’s just the fiddly bits like the neckband that can turn up ‘issues’.

  2. Gjeometry says:

    That looks like very challenging fabric to sew with! But, it’s so pretty and congrats on tackling and going back to finish it! It looks great.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thank you! It was an impulse purchase from ebay, the lovely mustard colour called my name. I wouldn’t rush to buy more!
      I do like the finished top, but I regret not taking time to follow the instructions of the course more closely, as if I’m honest, I could have made a much better job of it.

  3. helen says:

    The colour is great. I can imagine the problems with the fabric and neck band. Well done for persevering.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Helen, I think if I had cut a wider strip for the neckband it would have been better, but we learn from our mistakes eh? (eventually …)

      • helen says:

        I forgot to ask about the daylight bulb. Picture looks great. Is it in a lamp or the main light for the room?

      • Fiona M says:

        It’s in the main ceiling light fitting and I do think it makes a big difference. However, it’s a Purelite 20Watt, and not quite bright enough for me with my extreme Myopia, so I have ordered some higher wattage ones (30Watts equivalent to 150watt incandescent bulb) which I think should be better, but they are a different brand – Prolite. I’ll let you know.

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