My wardrobe shame – or Why I need to become a Wardrobe Architect

Friends, I hang my head and seek your forgiveness.  For here I post photos of my wardrobe shame, captured this very afternoon.  Should anyone be in doubt about my need for a serious culling of tired, ill fitting, worn out, out of date clothing, here is the hard evidence.

The short wardrobe – supposedly for tops and skirts – ha!  Oh, and my shoe hanger.


The long wardrobe – for longer items, dresses & trousers.  Socks, tights, bags and God knows what else is in the bottom.


These two chests of drawers are STUFFED with knitwear, ‘casual pants’  and T shirts I really should not be seen dead in.


There’s a 3rd identical chest of drawers, which I haven’t photographed.  It is stuffed with underwear, nightwear & swimwear.

Most shameful of all; this Heap is of things that won’t fit in the wardrobe


Up in the Loft is a large bag of things I only wear on holiday in tropical countries.  I’m sorry, I can’t be bothered to lug it down for a picture.

And now, because your eyes are hurting very badly, here’s a gratuitous photo of my friend’s 5 week old kitten, Luther.  He’s not even weaned yet.  Look at those paws. Those ears.  That cuuuute little nose.   Awww.


I’ll start the cull tomorrow.


8 Comments on “My wardrobe shame – or Why I need to become a Wardrobe Architect”

  1. BeaJay says:

    Yes I need a wardrobe cull too…. and that kitten purr purr

  2. gmarie says:

    I’ve recently done a cull, but need to do more. it’s difficult to part with me mades for some reason, no? And thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love my knit Anna – but I think it saw it somewhere else first. 🙂 g

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      My weight fluctuates a lot, so I worry about being left with nothing that fits. That’s one of the reasons I keep hold of stuff way byond the end of their natural life. It’s time to be brave and let go.
      I must get around to making Anna, I’ve had the pattern a while, and I see so many lovely versions on the blogs. I’ll definitely be trying it in a knit, my favourite kind of fabric!

  3. Chris Lucas says:

    I really need a cull too! I only have 1 two door wardrobe and a set of bedside draws and a tall boy chest of draws that are filled to the brim. I probably only wear 1/2 if that of what is inside of them if I’m lucky. Hopefully when our lease is up in 6mth we’ll be moving into a bigger place and I’ll have more wardrobe space that I can also fill to the brim with actual clothes that I wear lol

  4. helen says:

    Good luck with the sort out.
    Keep anything that you may be able to re-fashion.
    Will we get some ‘after’ photos!

  5. Fiona M says:

    Good idea about refashioning, I’ll keep that in mind.
    Ok, cover me, I’m going in …

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