Planning the plan ..

Shamed Inspired by Béa’s quick draw planning, I thought I’d better, you know, actually get on with it.  I suppose I’m a little bit wary of committing to doing something tricky – like sewing trousers or jeans, f’rinstance – and then screwing up whilst you’re all watching.  But plan, I must.  Otherwise my wardrobe will be full of things that don’t pair with anything.

I guess a colour scheme is the place to start?  I had my colours ‘done’ years ago, and was told I was a Spring.  Clear, bright, warm toned colours were the way to go.  I was surprised some years later to be told, off the record, by another colour analyst (who wasn’t being paid megabucks for her opinion) that I’m actually a Soft Autumn.  Maybe my skin tone has altered that much with age.  Anyway, I’m as happy as a sandboy, since the Soft Autumn palette contains some of my favourite colours, woohoo!  I now have permission to wear soft, muted shades, Yeah!


So, for the Spring and Summer I’m plumping for those neutral Caramels and Tans, into the Soft, Warm Brown shade, with Ivory and some Coral and Turquoise for accent colours.  (I wear denim all year round, so there will also be various shades of that incorporated too).

For Autumn and Winter, I’ll be moving into the deeper shades of the palette;  maybe Charcoal for the neutral, Teal, Violet and Amethyst for accents.  The beauty of having the correct colour palette swatch for your season, is that any colour you select from it should co-ordinate with every other colour on the swatch.  It’s like magic!

Of course, having made the delicious colour choices, there’s still the appropriate fabric to source.  I fear this may well be where the plan comes unhinged. Of Mice and Men, and all that.

Anywhen.  That’s colours sorted.  Now to garmies.

First up, there’s a holiday coming up shortly, in much warmer climes, Woohoo!  I have a lovely long piece of Poly Chiffon in Turquoise, with big splashy Coral roses all over.  I plan to make a lovely floaty maxi skirt,

Five maxi skirt sewing tutorials.

to wear with loose, airy tops, flip flops and (hopefully) an air of careless glamour.  That’ll be until I trip over it, I guess.  (Oh, and mine will be considerably larger than the one pictured above!).

I’ll also need a couple of pairs of Palazzo pants like these lovelies from Style Arc:

I’m also liking the look of this breezy top for all reasons, also a Style Arc pattern:

Later in the year, I’d love to sew a pair of proper trousers or jeans, with a fly front, and also a proper, well fitting, shirt or blouse, with a collar, placket, and functional buttonholes.

We’ll see.


13 Comments on “Planning the plan ..”

  1. Béa says:

    I think your colours can change as time goes by. I know that my Mum always suited bright strong colours when she was younger, then as she got older, her palette went more towards softer, more pastel-y shades of the same colours. I’m glad you’ve found the colours that not only suit you, but suit your own vision of what suits you!

    Good luck in finding the right fabrics. That turquoise chiffon with roses sounds gorgeous!

    • Fiona M says:

      I think you’re right. I certainly seem to have aged in appearance in the last couple of years, and the change in colours seems linked to this.
      The chiffon is lovely, I got it at Abakhan’s in Manchester. You’ll see it soon enough!

  2. theseedsof3 says:

    oooh, I love that color palette. I hope I am a soft Autumn, especially since those are the colors I wear most.

    • Fiona M says:

      I really recommend having your colours ‘done’. My lovely friend lost 3 stones and got to her goal weight, so I treated her to a colour analysis, then we had a lovely day shopping for her new wardrobe with the correct palette for her skin tone. She was convinced she was Autumn, but I knew she wasn’t – she’s a Winter, and wearing properly fitting clothes in the right colours was a revelation for her!

  3. BeaJay says:

    Isn’t it great to have your colours done? Your plans sound great. I have just cut out the StyleArc Island Ali top and hope to sew it up today or tomorrow. It is part of my SWAP for Artisan’s square.

  4. helen says:

    The colours look great and a good selection to chose from. I love the look of the floaty top.
    Enjoy the fabric shopping!

    • Fiona M says:

      Yes the colours are fab aren’t they? I find it difficult to source good quality fabrics in the UK though. The best stuff seems to come from Germany, but customer service seems hit & miss with international shipping.

  5. myrosesindecember says:

    I love this post — and your “colors”. I thought I was one of the last to really pay attention to my seasonal colors when purchasing fabric or clothing. I am a soft summer, which is a summer who “flows” to Autumn. I have always confused the color analysis people with my fair, ivory skin and eyes that are a dusty blue-green with lots of gold and brown flecks. I am of Irish heritage and have freckles which have faded a bit but not completely. My hair was honey blond as a child, turned auburn at about 13 but then went mouse brown thereafter (read “ash” for “mouse”). I have always wanted to be an autumn but all I have to do is try on gold jewelry to know that I just am not. I can get away with gold if it is very delicate and no more than 14K, with 10K Irish gold being better, and rose gold being best. So, I stick with white gold, rose gold and platinum. I could wear just about every color on your chart except the golds and camels. I could wear most of the right side of your chart, as well as the bottom row on the left-hand side. I think a soft autumn probably “flows” to summer. It is a beautiful palette that will translate to fabulous fabric choices, and I can hardly wait to see what you create in these gorgeous shades. I am also very interested in watching the progress of the palazzo pants as I just emailed myself the page on Style Arc with that pattern. I have never liked waistbands. The top you want to make is pretty too, and I can see it in a flowy chiffon floral in your gorgeous colors, maybe corals on an ivory ground. I am really happy for you with your new colors and think you will be happy sewing with them, Happy New Year.

  6. myrosesindecember says:

    Sorry to be leaving another post so soon but may I ask the name of the Style Arc pattern as well as the name of the company that supplied that great color chart? I have several seasonal packets from Color Me Beautiful, as well as from Color 1 (love this packet, based on the color of your skin, lips and hair) and Chroma. The only one I tossed was the one from David Kibbe in NYC (he wrote a book called “Metamorphosis” which is a nice image and color season book).
    David saw me as a muted autumn like Ann-Margret and wanted to color my hair mahogany but I declined. While I wished I were an autumn, I knew it was not correct. The Chroma company took the whole concept a step further in feeling that each season had a particular style attached to it and make spiral bound books called your “Personal Portfolio”. It included your colors as well as drawings of styles best for you, as well as jewelry choices and hair styles best suited to your season. Mine is called “Summer Chroma Woman Personal Portfolio” and inside it is divided into two sections – one for Summer 1 and 2 (the paler summers) as well as Summer 3, which I was considered. These personal portfolio are hard to find now but are well worth it uf you can. You can try Amazon as well as E-Bay.

  7. Fiona M says:

    Thanks for your comments!
    Colour analysis is fascinating isn’t it? Mine was first done by Colour Me Beautiful in 1988, when I was ‘diagnosed’ a Spring, so I have been trying to stick with those clear bright colours for years, but since the menopause I have felt I did not suit them quite so well. When I took my friend to have her colours done (also with CMB) their system for analysis had changed to a tonal assessment. I had lost my original colour swatch, so I asked to buy a new one, and to my surprise she handed me the Soft Autumn one.
    My eyes are a light, warm brown. As a child I had strawberry blonde hair – lots of red tones, and freckles. I’m of Celtic origin on both sides, so have fair skin, which freckles and burns easily, although I do tan a pale gold with patience and judicious use of good sun products!
    My natural hair colour lost it’s red tones as I aged, the reds turned white, and the blondes and browns turned mousey, so over all a salt & pepper effect, not at all flattering. I have red, blonde & gold toned highlights these days, to cheer it up.

    The Style Arc top is called Island Ali, and looks perfect for my holiday wardrobe! (I’ve mended the Style Arc link now, my T key is sticking, which was the cause of the problem).

  8. Love Love the Stule Arc blouse…… Can i copy you on that one? X

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