God bless us, one and all!

Hello friends!  I would like to extend the season’s greetings to you all.  Whatever your persuasion, I hope you have enjoyed a peaceful and healthy holiday, and that Santa was kind to you.

I was given a new dressmaker’s dummy.  Meet Brunnhilde Mark 2.  She’s bigger, and better than Mark 1


(And she’s even bigger, now I’ve adjusted the hip and waist!).  She has good, sturdy feet.  Rather like myself.

I couldn’t wait to get back into the sewing room, so what’s this?


Why, it’s a mustard yellow polyester double layered stretch knit, that’s what.  I bought the Craftsy Ultimate T Shirt course recently (when they had a fantastic sale and it was really cheap!) and this is the pattern that came with the course – shipped very quickly from the USA, I might add.

Vogue 8793.  It’s a Katherine Tilton T shirt, with long sleeves and a nice collar treatment (which is not used in the Craftsy course, but I will use it one day, I’m sure).

I’m using some very unusual (as far as I am concerned) fabric.  It’s a double layer jersey, the bottom layer is a super stretchy polyester, and the overlay is a viscose (?) T shirty kind of fabric, with a lovely textured and holey pattern to it.  I bought it from Minerva, where it’s in the clearance section.  It’s a teensy bit challenging to sew, because the two layers, although quite firmly attached to one another, like to pretend they aren’t – especially around the cut edges.  And my feed dogs don’t like the poly under layer much, so I had to keep an eye on it to make sure it carried on walking through …


The colour looks more orange on the screen, it’s actually a perfect Dijon Mustard colour.  It suits me very well, and goes with loads of things in my wardrobe.  Thumbs up!

Anyway, I’ve almost finished it, just the neck binding and hemming to do.  We still have a bit of visiting to do over the weekend, (and I still have their presents to wrap, shhhh!), so it’s unlikely I’ll finish it this week, (which is a shame, I was hoping to wear it tomorrow).

Maybe I will be able to wear it for new year instead.  Watch this space.


2 Comments on “God bless us, one and all!”

  1. helen says:

    I’ve been off line for 5 days so just catching up. What a great colour. Looking forward to seeing the finished item. I was tempted by the Craftsy sale but managed to resist. Dummy looks great too!

  2. Fiona M says:

    Why, thank you Helen! I love the colour too. I hope to finish it on Wednesday, it looks like a good day for sewing, according to the weather forecast!

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