Just a quickie as this one isn’t for me, and it’s going off to Santa very shortly, for Xmas delivery.

Kwik Sew 2654 Child’s dressing gown, made in Red Polar Fleece.  Our favourite rodent and his girlfriend are all over it!  I sewed it on the ovelocker, but discovered that it doesn’t like more than two layers of fleece at a time so, I’m ashamed to say, there was some unseemly language, and an awful lot of unpicking.


I’ve been working on this for a couple of days, because it’s a gift and I wanted it to be just right.  There was a heart stopping moment when I got the back caught in the overlocker whilst attaching the collar, but I managed not to slice a hole in it.  Phew!


4 Comments on “MIC – KEY M.O.U.S.E!”

  1. Ellen says:

    Your recipient will no doubt be thrilled with this gift. Glad you didn’t have a disaster with the serger!

  2. Chris Lucas says:

    That’s so cute! I’m sure the recipient is going to LOVE it. I know I would if I was them even at my age LOL. I can imagine how your heart stopped as that’s always a heart stopping moment when things get caught up in the overlocker…you always expect the worst. So glad it wasn’t a disaster for you.

  3. helen says:

    That looks lovely and cosy!
    Where did you find the fleece fabric?

  4. Fiona M says:

    Thanks ladies! I’m ridiculously pleased with it, I think it is my favourite ‘me made’ thing so far. Since she went to Euro Disney earlier this year, my little God daughter has been mad for Mickey & Minnie, and red is her favourite colour, so I’m sure she will love it. I found the fleece on ebay, as with many of my fabric purchases. There is nowhere local to buy fabric, so I have little option but to buy online.

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