Meanwhile …

I think Burda 7603 deserves a post all of it’s own.


Full of optimism, I was.  Like a bull at a gate.  Traced yesterday, cut out this morning, I began construction this afternoon.

Firstly, I can see no good reason whatsoever for the sleeves to be in two pieces.  Just sayin.

All was going reasonably well until I came to attach the neck band.  Just where I needed the instructions to be a bit specific, they fizzle to nought.  I’ve fiddled and faddled with it for hours.  The instructions don’t make sense.  Grrr!

Fortunately, I’ve got loads of this fabric left.  I’m planning a radical Frankenpattern exercise.  Tune in same time tomorrow for an update!


7 Comments on “Meanwhile …”

  1. BeaJay says:

    I always have problems with neckbands which is why i purchased a craftsy course on that particular subject (they are on sale at the moment). I am looking forward to being able to master the neckband in no time.

    • Fiona M says:

      I don’t usually have any trouble, but this one just doesn’t fit and the instructions are a bit odd.
      Did you buy the Ultimate T Shirt course? I bought it yesterday after seeing Chris’s version on her blog! Maybe I need to watch that and see if I can rescue this one.

      • Chris Lucas says:

        Jump into the section where Katherine & Marcy show how they do their neckbands, it works a treat. They sew one shoulder seam together and leave one open and then attach the neckband. They don’t use the pattern piece that comes with the pattern 🙂

  2. Fiona M says:

    Thanks Chris, I will have a look today, but this pattern has weird 2 piece sleeves that form the shoulder, and they’re already sewn together 😦

  3. helen says:

    I love the fabric, is this for you or a present for mum?

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Helen, This one is for me. I love the colours, but it is cheap and slippery stuff from ebay, and was something of a challenge to sew. I’m just about to blog the FO. which, against all odds, I’m actually very pleased with!

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