Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid – the Giveaway Post

The Plus Size Pattern Pyramid giveaway is now live at Béa’s Sewing Adventures! Leave a comment by midnight GMT on 1st December to be in with a chance. There are some lovely patterns in there 😉

Béa's Sewing Adventures

Where to start?

OK, first of all, I have to say a huge huge thank you to Fiona at Seams Straightforward– she made some serious additions to the patterns being offered. There are NINETEEN patterns for me to choose from. Not only that, she had split the original pyramid that she received into two, so Alison from Sewing With Cats has got the same sort of awesome decision making to do, when she receives her parcel (I think hers had a lot further to go than mine!).

Here are the patterns that were in the package I received. In two goes, because I couldn’t photograph all of them together and still make it look clear:

Those two Hot Patterns were rather tempting, especially the drapey blouse one. And I had to struggle to leave the Very Easy Vogue V8825 wrap dress pattern in the To Be Sent On pile…

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3 Comments on “Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid – the Giveaway Post”

  1. BeaJay says:

    Hi Fiona,

    You left a comment on my blog asking why I think sewing a sleeve in is better. It looks and feels like there is no definition between the sleeve and the top for me so I am going to try it the other way next time. The sewing with knits tutor said you should always sew them in but I went the easy way and it looks not as defined to me. I guess I will know when I try the other way. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Fiona M says:

    Thanks for your reply BeaJay, much appreciated. I’m all for an easy life myself, which is why I always construct them flat, so do please keep us posted if you try out the alternative.

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