Meanwhile …

I think Burda 7603 deserves a post all of it’s own.


Full of optimism, I was.  Like a bull at a gate.  Traced yesterday, cut out this morning, I began construction this afternoon.

Firstly, I can see no good reason whatsoever for the sleeves to be in two pieces.  Just sayin.

All was going reasonably well until I came to attach the neck band.  Just where I needed the instructions to be a bit specific, they fizzle to nought.  I’ve fiddled and faddled with it for hours.  The instructions don’t make sense.  Grrr!

Fortunately, I’ve got loads of this fabric left.  I’m planning a radical Frankenpattern exercise.  Tune in same time tomorrow for an update!


Just so you know

I haven’t died.

In fact, I’ve been hard at it in the sewing room.  Yesterday I made a skirt for my mum, to go with the Renfrew top.  I made the same skirt for her last year in a floral print cotton jersey, this year she requested a plain black one.  It’s fitted from the waist to hip, with a flared panel coming from the hip seam.  Elastic waist and a lettuced hem, all done on the overlocker (serger).  It doesn’t look great in this photo – partly because it’s too small for me (and Brunhilde), but it will fit mum perfectly and fall to just below the knee on her.


My next bit of Christmas sewing is going to be a cuddly red fleecey dressing gown for my little God daughter (she’s 6).  Since she visited EuroDisney earlier this year, she’s been Mickey and Minnie Mouse crazy, so she’ll love this


The Return Of The Mojo

I looked at my mother the other day, and I thought, you know what?  She’s lost weight recently.  And furthermore, that Burda tunic I traced off in a size 18 is going to be a mile too big for her.  So I decided to return to a TNT.

Ladies, I give you The Sewaholic Renfrew  (applause).


I cannot commend this pattern highly enough.  Simple, quick, useful.  If I were forced to choose 3 patterns to sew for the rest of my life, and banned from sewing anything else, this pattern would be top of my list.  I’ve made 4 versions now.  This one is version A with a neat scoop neckline, but with version C’s three quarter sleeves.  I hope you can see the print, it’s really pretty.


It’s for my mother, for Christmas, so keep it under your hat. (more applause please).

One down, two to go.

And if there’s anyone still looking in, please do tell me which would be your top 3 favourite patterns?

Double the Pattern Pyramid fun!

It’s a Plus Sized Pyramidal Patternfest!
Enter all three, it’s gotta be worth a punt.
And just in time for Christmas too!

Béa's Sewing Adventures

I wanted to post a reminder that you’ve still got a week to enter the Pluz Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway here on my blog.

But in addition, Alison from Sewing with Cats has now posted her own Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway here, so you’ve got that additional opportunity to join in the fun now. Go on, check it out- it’s got to be worth a little comment to be in with a chance for those beauties!


It’s actually *treble* the fun, because Chris Lucas, another lucky pyramider, has posted her Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway too. Hooray for treble chances!


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A Public Service Announcement

Plus sized Pattern Pyramid

Another Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid Giveaway is taking place over at Chris’s Blog.

Hop over to browse, and leave a comment by 1st December to be in with a chance of winning a fine pile of patterns!

Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid – the Giveaway Post

The Plus Size Pattern Pyramid giveaway is now live at Béa’s Sewing Adventures! Leave a comment by midnight GMT on 1st December to be in with a chance. There are some lovely patterns in there 😉

Béa's Sewing Adventures

Where to start?

OK, first of all, I have to say a huge huge thank you to Fiona at Seams Straightforward– she made some serious additions to the patterns being offered. There are NINETEEN patterns for me to choose from. Not only that, she had split the original pyramid that she received into two, so Alison from Sewing With Cats has got the same sort of awesome decision making to do, when she receives her parcel (I think hers had a lot further to go than mine!).

Here are the patterns that were in the package I received. In two goes, because I couldn’t photograph all of them together and still make it look clear:

Those two Hot Patterns were rather tempting, especially the drapey blouse one. And I had to struggle to leave the Very Easy Vogue V8825 wrap dress pattern in the To Be Sent On pile…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like …

Christmas won’t happen, unless I get my finger out!

The Eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed there hasn’t been much sewing going on around here.  I’ve lost my mojo, don’t know where it went, but it needs to come back soon.  In a rash moment I promised my mum I’d make her some clothes.  She’s got it into her head that I meant she would have them for Christmas, although I don’t remember saying that, exactly.

I have three lengths of jersey in mum approriate colours, and she requested a skirt like the one I made last year, but shorter.  And two tops, with long sleeves.  No trouble at all, I assured her.  And promptly put it to the back of my mind.

So, much as I would love to be joining in the jolly japes over at Cake with the Red Velvet Sewalong, instead today I traced off Burda 8998.  It’s for Momma.  For Christmas.


The fabric doesn’t photograph too well in artificial light, but it’s black with a pretty ditsy floral print.  Cream leaves, teal roses and some teensy purple flowers, I bought it from Croft Mill.  I’ll be making a long sleeved version, just need to check with Her Ladyship whether she would prefer a round neck or a vee.  Then tomorrow I will have to get on with it, mojo or no.