Hold the front page!

I’m a Plus Size Pattern Pyramid winner!


Courtesy of the lovely Susan at moonthirty.com

Earlier this week, a parcel arrived all the way from the USA, containing eleven plus sized sewing patterns for me to choose from.  Woohoo!

Image 10490712983_854e814b3a_z

Choosing which to keep was fun, and I changed my mind a time or two!  But these are the two I chose to keep.  The blouse, because I love it and I know I would wear it, and the nightwear pattern because I have been meaning to buy this pattern for ages and never got around to it.  I will be able to use this one for sewing for my mum, as well as for myself – double luck and joy!


Now, as to what happens next.  I’m adding quite a few patterns to this pyramid from my huge stash.  I took the opportunity to prune my pattern collection quite severely.  Some of them are duplicates – patterns I loved so much, I inadvertently purchased them more than once – how embarrassing.  Some I’ve been given, some are too similar to other patterns I already have, and some I just decided are perhaps not my thing after all; maybe too plunging in the neckline or too full in the skirt, for example.  One or two of them I have some difficulty in parting with, but it’s for the best.  Really, it is.

We’re gonna need a bigger box


So now I have quite a lot of patterns to give away.  I’m thinking I could potentially send out two batches, providing I get enough entries.

Now; I’m a new blogger, and I don’t get many visitors.  I’m no expert in technology, and I don’t ‘do’ social media, so really, I’m not sure how I’ll manage to publicise this giveaway.

I’m going to ask Susan to give me a shout out, and can I ask you kind ladies who do follow me to please do the same?

I’d like you to leave a comment on this post if you would like to enter the Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid giveaway.  I’ll choose the winner(s) on November 9th.

Here are the rules:


    • Anyone, anywhere can enter the giveaway by posting a comment below by midnight GMT on Saturday November 9th,  BUT you must have an active blog.
    • I will randomly select 1 or 2 winners, (depending on more than one person entering!)
    • I will post a selection of patterns (at least 10) to each winner. The winners will pick a pattern(s) to keep for themselves, then host their own giveaway. They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to that person, who will pick a pattern for themselves, host their own giveaway and …
    • All patterns are in the plus size category – ie – if the pattern comes in 2 sizing groups, then it will be the larger category. Patterns go up to at least size 20 (most go higher). Patterns listed as “all sizes” will include plus sizes.
    • If you wish to take more than one pattern you can replenish the stock with a pattern you no longer want, but please make sure it is in this size range.


    • We are taking it on trust that all pattern pieces are there.
    • Your selection of patterns will be picked at random – please don’t contact me asking for specific patterns.
    • If you’re a winner, BeaJay has asked if you could make a small contribution to The Brooke. This is a charity close to the heart of Catherine, who so generously provided the original patterns. These plus-sized patterns have been contributed in the spirit of the generosity of the sewing community.
    • Please engage in a timely fashion, launching your own giveaways soon after receiving a parcel.
    • You must be happy to post the patterns  worldwide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I look forward to hearing from you!

28 Comments on “Hold the front page!”

  1. theseedsof3 says:

    I’ll put a shout out for you on Twitter. You can also add my name to the hat for the drawing(s).

  2. Béa says:

    Well I’m only a little blogger too, but I’ll put a post up about this. Yay for plus-size patterns!

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  4. Fiona M says:

    Thanks a lot Béa, you’re in too! 🙂

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  6. BeaJay says:

    Pop me into the draw too. I give a shout out on my blog.

  7. Fiona M says:

    Thank you BeaJay, you’re in! 🙂

  8. Chris Lucas says:

    Congratulations Fiona!!! I’m more than happy to give you a couple of shout outs on Twitter to help you spread the word 🙂 Oh don’t worry about entering me as I’ve won before and it wouldn’t be fair to enter again.

  9. Alison says:

    I’d love to win and have just added your blog to my blog roll. 🙂

  10. twotoast says:

    Me, me! Please add me! Although I have already been a winner, I LOVE the new patterns that you are adding! I can’t seem to pick up Hot Patterns, so am keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. Debbie Cook says:

    How fun! Please enter me too!

  12. Kelley says:

    I’m in! What a fantastic giveaway. I hope you get LOTS of entries!

  13. Sign me up for the giveaway. I’ll add you to my blog page.

  14. Alice Wilson says:

    Sign me up to the giveaway….I am new to blogging don’t know how to add you to my blog. But I can do a shout to facebook.

  15. karin says:

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thank you!

  16. myrosesindecember says:

    Please add me to the drawing too,. What a nice thing to do.

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