I’m back, and I have fabrics!

I returned from my holiday in Scotland a couple of days ago.  We had a wonderful break and were blessed with exceptionally good weather.

On the way up we stopped at the Standfast & Barrack factory shop.  This is a factory in Lancaster which prints high end soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics, plus it is where some Liberty of London fabrics are printed, and this was my main motivation for stopping to browse.  The factory shop is where seconds and over runs are sold off.

I was not disappointed.  Liberty Tana lawn retails at £22 per metre in their own store.  If you’re lucky, you can pick it up on ebay sometimes at around £9 – £10 per metre, depending on how many other people want the piece you’re after.  At this wonderful factory shop they sell it at £5 per metre!  The selection was limited, but I would estimate there were approx 30 rolls of Liberty fabric on offer at this amazing price.  Some was Tana lawn, some was their very fine needlecord, and some was Lantana, which is a cotton and wool flannel type blend.

I purchased 3 metres each of 3 different Tana lawns.


The one on the left is Strawberry Thief, in the brown colourway – it was also available in the blue colourway, which I already have in my stash courtesy of ebay.

I can’t remember the name of the floral in the centre, but it is very pretty.

The Paisley design on the right, I think is called Bourton, and it is my favourite of the three.  The colours are so beautiful and the pattern is intricate in detail.  This piece is the only one of the three that has a discernible flaw, and the super lovely sales lady gave me extra fabric to compensate.

These three are destined to become blouses or shirts at some point.

Back shortly with Tweed!


3 Comments on “I’m back, and I have fabrics!”

  1. helen says:

    Great haul! £5 per metre!
    The middle one may be ‘poppy and daisy’?
    I have made a dress and a blouse in Bourton but I think I had a darker colour way.
    Strawberry thief is a classic.

  2. Fiona M says:

    Good thinking Helen, it does have both poppies and daisies, so you’re probably correct. They are all beautiful, I’m looking forward to making something with them.

  3. Chris Lucas says:

    Glad to read about your holiday too 🙂 And OMG what a bargain finding those gorgeous fabrics at those prices. Fabric really is quite expensive… especially for quality fabric such as these.

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