Hummingbird V 2 – finished


Not sure why it looks so crumpled.  It has been pressed, honest.

The corduroy is very lightweight and soft, so I lined it.  I’ve never been taught to line a skirt, and I’m not exactly delighted with the result.  I need to get some guidance before I try it again.

I also need a dummy that’s closer to my size.  Poor Brunnhilde is adjusted to her maximum size, and she’s still not as big as me.

Anyway, this is very nice when it’s on, and a better fit than V1, so it will get lots of wear.  It goes with lots of my woollies and tops too, so a very useful addition to my winter wardrobe.

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4 Comments on “Hummingbird V 2 – finished”

  1. helen says:

    Did you get all this done today? Well done, it’s great when you make something versatile which goes with lots of things, guaranteed to get a lot of wear.

  2. Fiona M says:

    No, I’m not that speedy! I cut it out and made the front yesterday, Today I did the zip, sewed the front to the back, tried on and altered the fit, the added the lining & waistband, a hem and a button/buttonhole.
    I’m pleased with it, and I know I’ll wear it a lot.

  3. Béa says:

    I went to a talk earlier this year, by the lady in charge of costuming for Strictly Come Dancing, and she was saying they use mannequins/dummies padded up with layers of bubble wrap for each contestant. That way, they can take off layers as & when the contestant loses weight/changes shape as a result of all their dance training. So maybe a spot of bubble wrap would help get Brunnhilde closer to your own shape?

  4. Fiona M says:

    Mmm, bubble wrap might work. Thank you! I tried using the wadding out of a redundant pillow, but I couldn’t make it look right – think I tried to use too much. Thin layers of bubble wrap could be better. I will give it a go.

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