Hummingbird V2

I love my denim Hummingbird skirt, and wear it a lot.  It’s slightly too big, so I thought I’d make another and try to achieve a better fit on the waist and hips.


This beautiful Liberty print needle cord spoke to me.  I bought it online, and when it arrived I was a tiny bit disappointed that the flowers are teeny, but I quickly reconciled and now I love it again.  The background is black, and the Millefiore design is in shades of beige, grey and stone.  The overall effect being a soft, textured grey which will go so nicely with all my winter woollies and tights.  Sorry, but in the Northern Hemisphere, we need to be planning these things!

The black & white floral cotton is a fat quarter I’m using for the pocket bags.



2 Comments on “Hummingbird V2”

  1. Béa says:

    Those fabrics are really pretty. Good luck with it!

  2. Fiona M says:

    Thank you! Well I discovered why the denim one is too big. I made a 1″ wide mistake when tracing the original pattern, which was duplicated because it was on the front side piece. I’ve altered the pattern now, so hope this one will be a much better fit.

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