Summer’s lease …

… hath all too short a date.


There’s been a distinct change in the weather here over the past few days.  ‘It’s gerrin’ ter’t back end nah’, you’ll hear folk say, as they pull their coats closer.  The first leaves are turning, and falling from the trees.  The roses have set huge red hips to add a bit of welcome colour in the hedge.  The flowers, of course, are long since gone.

The summer holidays end this week and children go back to school for the new academic year.
I love September personally; month of my birthday, the last hurrah before the Christmas build up.

So, thoughts turn to sewing for cooler weather.  What to make next?  Well, you remember the Esme blouse, which I thought resembled maternity wear? I wore it a few times, and I surprised myself by liking it!
I recently snagged a beautiful piece of Liberty Lantana (wool/cotton blend) on ebay at a bargain price, so I think I may sew an Autumnal Esme, with a couple of modifications – a higher back neckline, and long sleeves.


Or should I make this Simplicity knit top, the one with the longer sleeves, from this lush viscose jersey knit?


What do you say?


2 Comments on “Summer’s lease …”

  1. helen says:

    I seemed to have missed your last few posts so catching up! Hera Liberty print is one of my favourites, I have a large 140cm square Varuna wool piece off Ebay waiting for something to be done with it and I found a piece of lightweight cord in a bargin bin, again just waiting for the perfect project. Of course, now I know you made up the Viscose knit, they are both lovely designs.

  2. Fiona M says:

    I love Hera too, and also have a piece of Tana lawn in the turquoise waiting in my stash.
    I’ll be sewing this Lantana when I’ve finished the cord skirt.

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