A little bloggy break

There will now be a short interlude.
I’m away on holiday – in the western highlands of Scotland, since you ask. And very beautiful it is too.
I’ll be back next month. With tweed. And tartan. Och, aye.


Hummingbird V 2 – finished


Not sure why it looks so crumpled.  It has been pressed, honest.

The corduroy is very lightweight and soft, so I lined it.  I’ve never been taught to line a skirt, and I’m not exactly delighted with the result.  I need to get some guidance before I try it again.

I also need a dummy that’s closer to my size.  Poor Brunnhilde is adjusted to her maximum size, and she’s still not as big as me.

Anyway, this is very nice when it’s on, and a better fit than V1, so it will get lots of wear.  It goes with lots of my woollies and tops too, so a very useful addition to my winter wardrobe.

Sorry about these adverts, by the way.  It seems to be a new development from WordPress in order to keep the blogging platform free.

Hummingbird V2

I love my denim Hummingbird skirt, and wear it a lot.  It’s slightly too big, so I thought I’d make another and try to achieve a better fit on the waist and hips.


This beautiful Liberty print needle cord spoke to me.  I bought it online, and when it arrived I was a tiny bit disappointed that the flowers are teeny, but I quickly reconciled and now I love it again.  The background is black, and the Millefiore design is in shades of beige, grey and stone.  The overall effect being a soft, textured grey which will go so nicely with all my winter woollies and tights.  Sorry, but in the Northern Hemisphere, we need to be planning these things!

The black & white floral cotton is a fat quarter I’m using for the pocket bags.


Simplicity 2181 – Finished!

At last, I hear you shout!

Well, sorry, but it was not without incident.


I wasn’t paying attention when I cut it out, and got the twist sections the wrong way round – pattern pieces upside down, so the view is a mirror image of the pattern.

Then, I almost ruined it at the finishing post, by trapping the sleeve in the shoulder seam when inserting the second sleeve.  I spent this afternoon unpicking overlocking and lightning bolt stitching, and re- sewing.  I made a small hole in the top of the sleeve, but it’s noticeable only to me.

I wish I had lengthened it by a few inches, it feels a bit short.  And I had to make do with a very narrow twin needled hem, rather than the nice inch deep cover stitched one I wanted.

I also wish I’d used a plain jersey rather than this busy print.  Although gorgeous, I think it detracts from the twist detail.  Fortunately, I bought another piece, as I liked it so much.  I think it’s destined to become another Renfrew 😉

Summer’s lease …

… hath all too short a date.


There’s been a distinct change in the weather here over the past few days.  ‘It’s gerrin’ ter’t back end nah’, you’ll hear folk say, as they pull their coats closer.  The first leaves are turning, and falling from the trees.  The roses have set huge red hips to add a bit of welcome colour in the hedge.  The flowers, of course, are long since gone.

The summer holidays end this week and children go back to school for the new academic year.
I love September personally; month of my birthday, the last hurrah before the Christmas build up.

So, thoughts turn to sewing for cooler weather.  What to make next?  Well, you remember the Esme blouse, which I thought resembled maternity wear? I wore it a few times, and I surprised myself by liking it!
I recently snagged a beautiful piece of Liberty Lantana (wool/cotton blend) on ebay at a bargain price, so I think I may sew an Autumnal Esme, with a couple of modifications – a higher back neckline, and long sleeves.


Or should I make this Simplicity knit top, the one with the longer sleeves, from this lush viscose jersey knit?


What do you say?