Full Lotus

I’ve finished my dress and I really like it 🙂

Even though the fabric is cheap, thin and has no discernable stretch in any direction.  The colours are stunning and I love the big Lotus pattern.  I love a big, colourful design – working to the premise that if you can’t lose it or hide it, you may as well decorate it!


It was a learning curve.   I used clear elastic to gather the shoulders.  If I make it again I’ll either use proper elastic, or two rows of clear elastic.

Going by envelope measurements, I made the largest size, which turned out to be far too big up top for me.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t apparent until the dress was finished, so I had to chop two big wedges out from under the arms, not a perfect solution, but it works.

The pattern is easy to sew, but somewhat extravagant – it has you stitching double seams, which is overkill in my opinion, especially when you are overlocking to finish the edges.  The waistband casing has you cutting off an inch of fabric from the top of the skirt once you have attached it to the bodice.  (When stitching the casing down you need to be careful not to trap the bodice in the seam – ask me how I know :/)    And the tie belt is 6 feet long.  6 feet!

I didn’t bother with the ties on the back, they are just tooooo fiddly for words, darned skinny rouleau things, pah!  Sorry people; life is short.

It will be a great holiday dress, whenever I go somewhere warm enough to wear it.

I’d definitely sew this again in some better quality fabric, and I’ve already altered the paper pattern to fit me better next time.


2 Comments on “Full Lotus”

  1. theseedsof3 says:

    I love how this turned out – the fabric is stunning. Hopefully it holds up in the wash so you can wear it a few times.

    • Fiona M says:

      Thanks Melanie, I’m pleased with it. The colours are amazing; navy, burgundy, tobacco and a lovely leaf green on a white background. I hope to be going somewhere warm in February, which will probably be my first opportunity to wear it!

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