Next up …

What a relief to have finally finished the Veronica, and the pattern is in the bin!
This morning I occupied myself by making a cute and reusable gift tote for a friend’s birthday, using the free Poochie Bag tutorial from Happy Zombie.

Poochie bag

Poochie bag

I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve made, they are just the thing to personalise a small gift and make it special. This one has a gardening theme and will contain a package of seeds and bulbs.

So now it’s time for a spot of self indulgence. Next up is a nice loose fitting blouse from Sew Liberated, the gorgeous Esme, which I plan to make in Tana Lawn. The first one will be a wearable muslin (I hope).
So far, I’ve traced off the pattern. The size lines aren’t clearly ¬†identifiable, easy enough for me as I’m making the largest size, but anyone in the mid range is going to have to make an educated guess.
Not sure when I’ll get to start the sewing, as its back to work tomorrow.
Here’s a pic of the pattern.
Esme top from Sew Liberated


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