Oh. My. Word.

Well, this Veronica sundress is the most peculiar garment I have ever seen.
Here are some photos of the muslin.  Not for the faint hearted.

Now, admittedly, this dress isn’t for me, and therefore it doesn’t actually fit Brunnhilde very well at all, but I think you’ll agree it is an odd looking garment.
The muslin is made from an old duvet cover of my mother’s.  I’ve used a drawstring in the casing for the muslin, the final version will be elasticated.
There’s something very wierd about the armholes, no?

And there are no darts, so no bust shaping at all.  Very strange.
huge flappy armholes!

It looks like a sack, tied in the middle.  And note those huge, flappy armholes sticking out!


And as for the back … !!


I am taking it to Kath for trying on later in the week, I feel sure there will be many necessary alterations.

I absolutely HATE this pattern and cannot wait to destroy it.


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