Time for a moan.
Another cool day here, so I have been working on the bodice of the muslin for the Veronica dress.
It’s no lie to say I am not far off setting fire to the darned thing.
I have to say, the construction instructions are all over the place and completely baffling. This is without a doubt the worst pattern I have ever used.
There are three dress designs in the Fashion Formula Dresses booklet, two of which are very similar, and it’s one of these two that I am making.
An initial glance at the instructions, all looks very easy and straightforward. I didn’t realise, until I started construction, that I would be flipping back and forth through the booklet to refer to instructions for the other dress on pages 7, 19, 20, etc..
The diagrams are useless. Steps are misnumbered. Some instructions are implicit and not actually written down. No use at all for anyone lacking experience.
After several hours of work I think I am finally getting somewhere, but I have gone right off what I thought was a very easy pattern, and I am now dreading making the fashion fabric version.
I am determined to finish it though.
And then I’ll set fire to the pattern.


One Comment on “Grrrrr!”

  1. theseedsof3 says:

    Awh, I hate that! Go have a cup of tea and a break and have another go. If you make it through then you have the satisfaction of starting the fire 🙂

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