Oh. My. Word.

Well, this Veronica sundress is the most peculiar garment I have ever seen.
Here are some photos of the muslin.  Not for the faint hearted.

Now, admittedly, this dress isn’t for me, and therefore it doesn’t actually fit Brunnhilde very well at all, but I think you’ll agree it is an odd looking garment.
The muslin is made from an old duvet cover of my mother’s.  I’ve used a drawstring in the casing for the muslin, the final version will be elasticated.
There’s something very wierd about the armholes, no?

And there are no darts, so no bust shaping at all.  Very strange.
huge flappy armholes!

It looks like a sack, tied in the middle.  And note those huge, flappy armholes sticking out!


And as for the back … !!


I am taking it to Kath for trying on later in the week, I feel sure there will be many necessary alterations.

I absolutely HATE this pattern and cannot wait to destroy it.



Time for a moan.
Another cool day here, so I have been working on the bodice of the muslin for the Veronica dress.
It’s no lie to say I am not far off setting fire to the darned thing.
I have to say, the construction instructions are all over the place and completely baffling. This is without a doubt the worst pattern I have ever used.
There are three dress designs in the Fashion Formula Dresses booklet, two of which are very similar, and it’s one of these two that I am making.
An initial glance at the instructions, all looks very easy and straightforward. I didn’t realise, until I started construction, that I would be flipping back and forth through the booklet to refer to instructions for the other dress on pages 7, 19, 20, etc..
The diagrams are useless. Steps are misnumbered. Some instructions are implicit and not actually written down. No use at all for anyone lacking experience.
After several hours of work I think I am finally getting somewhere, but I have gone right off what I thought was a very easy pattern, and I am now dreading making the fashion fabric version.
I am determined to finish it though.
And then I’ll set fire to the pattern.

A little diversion

Summer suddenly arrived, with scorching temperatures and no breeeze.  Far too warm to be indoors, so I have not sewn much for a couple of weeks.  Today it’s cooler.   I ventured into the sewing room and did a couple of small jobs I’ve been saving.

First, I overlocked the edges of a remnant of silk organza, bagged on ebay for peanuts, and attached a loop of hanging ribbon, Voila! A perfect new pressing cloth.
Then I sewed a small drawstring bag for my little God daughter to put her PE kit in. She goes up to ‘Big’ school in September, and ‘a named drawstring bag for PE kit’ was on the list of uniform requirements.  Happily, it didn’t have to be in boring school colours – the headmistress apparently likes the little ones to be able to express themselves, so this little bag is in one of her favourite colours. I’ll applique her name onto it shortly – yes, I know I should have done that before I sewed it up, but I am waiting for suitable fabric to arrive in the post.

A bag for PE kit

If the cooler temperature prevails tomorrow, I’ll get on with your dress Kath, I promise.


Edit to add a photo of the finished project:

finished PE kit bag

Hope she likes it!

Adventures in pattern drafting

OK, I’m on with it.  Kath, your dress is under way!

I’m using Sew Serendipity ‘Veronica’, from the Fashion Formula Dresses booklet.  It’s a sundress with a V neck at the front, and ‘pillowcase dress’ style at the back, slightly Empire line, with long ties at the back neckline and a long, long skirt (for my tall, tall friend!)  It’s the style on the top left and bottom right of this first picture, and the second picture is of the back view.

Sew Serendipity Fashion Formula DressesVeronica - back view

I’ve wanted to make one of Kay Whitt’s designs for ages, I love that she makes all her dresses in quilting cottons with the most beautiful array of prints.

The booklet contains instructions for drafting your own pattern, based on a series of calculations involving actual body measurements.  I’ve not done anything like this before, and as it’s not for me, you can bet I’ll be making a muslin!  I have an old duvet cover on standby.

For the main fabric, I have a gorgeous black cotton with big pink splashy roses.  The lining will be a gloriously smooth pink cotton lawn, and I have some black cotton with pink polka dots for the contrasting pieces – probably the ties and waist casing, and possibly a ruffle depending on how much fabric I have to play with.  The lawn & polka dots are in the pre wash as I type.

Main fabric

Procrastination is the thief of time …

Yes, I know.  It’s gone a bit quiet on the sewing front.

We went away for the weekend last week – to Cornwall – and it was fab!  We drove down to Exeter on Friday morning, shopped a bit, and stayed there overnight to break the journey.  Then we visited the Eden Project on Saturday and stayed at Fowey overnight.  On Sunday morning we went to Tintagel, before driving home (5 hours!) after lunch.

What’s this got to do with sewing, you ask?  Nothing.  It’s just my lame excuse for not cracking on with some.

So, I was not in the winning house for the Hummingbird sewalong, *sniff*.  However, it was great to participate and I learnt lots from everyone else.  Congratulations are due to the Sabrewing house, cos it was them what won it!  This is the second time I have not been in the winning house, so maybe I will get lucky with the Red Velvet?

Meanwhile, my next bloggy project will be a long overdue dress for my buddy Kath.  This is a belated present for a special birthday which actually occurred last November.  However, she inconsiderately beggared off to New Zealand for SIX WHOLE MONTHS to celebrate it, so I shelved the idea until she got back.  I have the (beautiful) fabrics, her measurements, and a (lovely) pattern from Sew Serendipity, so I must now get on with it before I can permit myself to sew any more selfish clothes!

I’ll keep you posted, naturally.  Watch this space.