Finished Hummingbirds.

It’s back to work tomorrow, so today I cracked on apace with mydenim Hummingbird skirt.

I’d cut it out and made the pockets yesterday, so today was just finishing it off really.

I used two panels of the denim  the wrong side out for contrast, above the pockets.

For some reason, it was huge on the waist.  I must have measured myself wrongly.  So this took a bit of thinking about, and I decided to put an extra pair of darts in the back instead of taking it in at the sides – which would have made my pockets much smaller.  I’m so pleased with those pockets, I didn’t want to spoil them!

The extra darts did the trick and I am pleased to unveil my finished skirt, which actually looks a lot better on me than it does on poor Brunhilde.  She doesn’t have my backside, you see.

Skirt Front

Skirt Front

Skirt back

Skirt back, with exposed zipper.

She even looks pretty on the inside!

Inside Out

Inside Out

I used a fat quarter of pretty quilting cotton for the pocket linings.

Pocket lining

Pocket lining

And here is the finished ensemble, which I look forward to wearing to work tomorrow.

The finished ensemble

The finished ensemble

This is quite a bit shorter than I would normally wear a skirt.  Getting adventurous in my old age, haha!   I do love it though, and I will wear it a lot.

My sewing machine threw a hissy and decided that she will only sew pretty buttonholes on scraps of fabric.  On actual garments?  Are you kidding me?  No way Ma-am!

So I am afraid my lovely skirt is somewhat let down by a badly hand sewn buttonhole, which I will have to remedy at some stage.

Oh, and I left my iron face down on the beautifully re-covered ironing board, with the obvious result.  Sigh.

That is my completed project for the Hummingbird sewalong.  Go Rufous House!!


2 Comments on “Finished Hummingbirds.”

  1. StephC says:

    Lovely, Fiona!

    Hmmm interesting about the waist, but if it was simple for you to alter and you got a great fit, then that’s the whole point. 🙂 And you know, my machine does THE SAME THING with buttonholes sometimes… Perfect on my samples, garbage on my waistband. Sigh. 🙂

    Thanks for sewing along, and I hope you get heaps of wear out of your makes. I love this skirt with Cabarita, too…

  2. Chris Lucas says:

    Well done Fiona!!!!! I just love this whole outfit and can’t wait to get stuck in and sew mine. Your skirt looks fabulous and doesn’t matter about the button hole as I’m sure you’re like me and won’t be wearing any tight fitting tucked in shirts that are going to be exposing the button hole. And besides if someone gets that close to your rear end and can see it then they’re obviously too close and probably not checking out your button hole so just give a little wiggle and have a little giggle to yourself LOL. Clever idea about the extra darts as I can see why you wouldn’t want to cover up those pockets as they look great with the contrasting fabric and I’ll have to use a pretty print for the inside of my too… thanks for the great tips 🙂

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