It starts tomorrow!


The Cake Patterns Hummingbird sewalong begins tomorrow at noon, Brisbane time!

I spent the weekend tracing the patterns onto greaseproof paper (classy huh?).

This is a little job that takes most people minutes, apparently.  It takes me days.  Leaning over a table tracing lines for any length of time is absolute agony for my back.  My Chiropractor would go up the wall if she saw me doing it!

But I’m all traced off and set to go.  Perhaps this time I’ll be able to keep up then?

Go Rufous!


2 Comments on “It starts tomorrow!”

  1. Chris Lucas says:

    I’ll be starting the sewalong a little late as my pattern hasn’t arrived yet and I’m feeling a little too lazy to get a download of the pattern. Looking forward to seeing what team I’m on… fingers crossed I’ll be on the same team as you 🙂

    Hope your back has recovered and you didn’t end up needing a trip to the Chiro!

  2. Fiona M says:

    I think the Aussie patterns are on the way now. They had a stopover in customs for some reason. It would be great if you were in the Rufous house, but I like to think we are all supportive of each other whichever house we’re in! My back is much better thanks, how’s your leg?

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