Cabarita V2

Cabarita V2 back

Cabarita V2 back

Cabarita V2 front

Cabarita V2 front

So here we have my second attempt at the Cake Patterns Cabarita RiFF.

It’s not a neat as the previous one, no matching at the back seam for example, and the neckline has come out wide on this one – bra straps may be an issue.

I made this one from 100% cotton interlock, from the same ebay supplier as the stripey stuff.  It was a pleasure to sew, lovely and stable, but obviously it does not have the same stretch and recovery as a lycra blend.

I sized up to 45 bust and 50 hip and it fits nicely, although it is a loose fit rather than a T shirt type fit.  That’s fine.  It’s for wearing to work anyway, so loose is good.  I love this blue polka dot, and it will go with all sorts of bottom half items I already have.

The Hummingbird sewalong starts on Monday, so I will trace off the patterns over the weekend in order to try and keep up this time.


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