Hollyburn progress

As you may know, summer has arrived, albeit temporarily.

It really has been far too nice to be indoors, so progress on my skirt was temporarily halted.  However, the weekend is over.  It’s back to work tomorrow, so today I bit the bullet and set to.

I decided to line it, and use an invisible zip.

All seemed to be going well, but when I put in the zip and tried it on, I found my skirt was too large!  I’m presuming a mathematical error in my calculations – it never was my strong subject.  Tsk!   Also, my weight does fluctuate quite frequently, so it’s possible that my measurements have altered since the day I took them.

So, I removed the zip, opened up the back again and sliced off about 1.25 inches from each edge, put the zip back in and sewed her up again.   Nothing if not pragmatic, me.  To alter it in any other way would have been far too much trouble, and this way it didn’t affect the rather nice pockets.  I use the Colette tutorial for inserting an invisible zip, it’s brilliant!

My skirt is now hanging up to drop before I hem it.  It’s quite a good fit now, and it hangs very nicely.

Would I sew it again?  Probably not.  Why?

It was a lot of work to grade this pattern up to fit, and then more work to trim it down again when I realise I’d overdone the grading.

I wish I hadn’t lined it, because it was intended to be a summer skirt, but the lining has added an awful lot of weight. It’s definitely a transitional piece now, and possibly even suitable for winter wear.

The pockets are a very nice feature on this pattern, they really have turned out well.  But I don’t wear my tops tucked in, so they will mainly be hidden from view, which is a shame.

So, whilst it is a lovely pattern, and the instructions are beautifully clear, as always with Sewaholic patterns, I think this one is going to the back of the drawer – at least for now.

Photo to be posted shortly.


2 Comments on “Hollyburn progress”

  1. Chris Lucas says:

    First off Congratulations on your new blog Fiona… now I can come and visit you as well and keep up with what you sew too 🙂

    Shame about your lining being too heavy but at least you might get more wear out of it through the other seasons. I lined mine but my fabric had an open weave and my lining was super sheer and lightweight.

    I haven’t tried any other Sewaholic patterns… although I do have another one in my stash. I think what turns me off is having to do so much grading to get it to fit. I wished the patterns came in bigger sizes… ah well a girl can dream!

    Good for you as well with doing the invisible zipper… they’ve become my favorites and yesterday I actually lashed out and bought an invisible zipper foot as I wanted to see if it actually helps a little more. I’ve only done invisible zippers with my regular zipper foot and so far they’ve all worked out quite well and I’ve been happy with the results. You just never know the invisible zipper foot might make a difference and like they say you never know until you give it a go.

    Again congratulations on your new blog 🙂

  2. Fiona M says:

    Thanks Chris!
    I really recommend the Renfrew pattern from Sewaholic. I’ve sewn it 3 times for myself and once for my mum, and it never disappoints! Being a knits pattern, I didn’t need to enlarge it either. I have a Sewaholic dress pattern and another skirt pattern in my stash too.
    Re the invisible zipper foot, I think you will find it does make things easier and a perfect finish.
    Thanks again for dropping by and leaving a comment 😀

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