Finished Hummingbirds.

It’s back to work tomorrow, so today I cracked on apace with mydenim Hummingbird skirt.

I’d cut it out and made the pockets yesterday, so today was just finishing it off really.

I used two panels of the denim  the wrong side out for contrast, above the pockets.

For some reason, it was huge on the waist.  I must have measured myself wrongly.  So this took a bit of thinking about, and I decided to put an extra pair of darts in the back instead of taking it in at the sides – which would have made my pockets much smaller.  I’m so pleased with those pockets, I didn’t want to spoil them!

The extra darts did the trick and I am pleased to unveil my finished skirt, which actually looks a lot better on me than it does on poor Brunhilde.  She doesn’t have my backside, you see.

Skirt Front

Skirt Front

Skirt back

Skirt back, with exposed zipper.

She even looks pretty on the inside!

Inside Out

Inside Out

I used a fat quarter of pretty quilting cotton for the pocket linings.

Pocket lining

Pocket lining

And here is the finished ensemble, which I look forward to wearing to work tomorrow.

The finished ensemble

The finished ensemble

This is quite a bit shorter than I would normally wear a skirt.  Getting adventurous in my old age, haha!   I do love it though, and I will wear it a lot.

My sewing machine threw a hissy and decided that she will only sew pretty buttonholes on scraps of fabric.  On actual garments?  Are you kidding me?  No way Ma-am!

So I am afraid my lovely skirt is somewhat let down by a badly hand sewn buttonhole, which I will have to remedy at some stage.

Oh, and I left my iron face down on the beautifully re-covered ironing board, with the obvious result.  Sigh.

That is my completed project for the Hummingbird sewalong.  Go Rufous House!!


A bit behind!

The story of my life!

I don’t get to sew on Mondays, Tuesday or Wednesdays, so today I was hard at it, playing catch up.

Today is Day 5 of the sew along, or Sew Days Later in my case.  I cut out my Hummingbird top this morning, and it was immediately obvious to me that the teensy little peplum was going to cut right across my widest part at the hip.  Fortunately I had loads of this Violet fabric, which I’d originally earmarked for another Tiramisu dress, so I cut another one 2″ longer all round.

Cutting out!

Cutting out!

Extended peplum

The top went together at the speed of light, it’s a really easy pattern.  Thanks to my own stupidity, I misinterpreted the directions for joing the peplum to the bodice.  I had to cut it off and re-attach, so the finished effect is not quite as Steph intended in the pattern, but it looks good enough to me.

Finished top

Finished top

I did a narrow rolled hem on the sewing machine, mainly because I didn’t have any purple overlocker thread – otherwise I might have done a lettuce edge.

sewing machine narrow rolled hem

sewing machine narrow rolled hem

Since finishing and photographing it, I decided to shorten the sleeves to elbow length, which I prefer.  I dispensed with the sleeve bindings for this and just turned up a half inch plain hem.

Tomorrow, I’ll start on the skirt.

My denim is quite unusual, black & cream, which looks pale grey on the ‘right’ side, and dark charcoal on the wrong side.  I’m not sure which to use.  If I go with the paler side I can guarantee I’ll spill beetroot juice (or similarly indelible substance) on it within minutes of wearing it.  I like the darker side, and it has a nice nubbly texture.  It’s been suggested I could incorporate both sides in the skirt to make a contrasting panel.  What do you think?

Denim for skirt

Denim for skirt

It starts tomorrow!


The Cake Patterns Hummingbird sewalong begins tomorrow at noon, Brisbane time!

I spent the weekend tracing the patterns onto greaseproof paper (classy huh?).

This is a little job that takes most people minutes, apparently.  It takes me days.  Leaning over a table tracing lines for any length of time is absolute agony for my back.  My Chiropractor would go up the wall if she saw me doing it!

But I’m all traced off and set to go.  Perhaps this time I’ll be able to keep up then?

Go Rufous!

Cabarita V2

Cabarita V2 back

Cabarita V2 back

Cabarita V2 front

Cabarita V2 front

So here we have my second attempt at the Cake Patterns Cabarita RiFF.

It’s not a neat as the previous one, no matching at the back seam for example, and the neckline has come out wide on this one – bra straps may be an issue.

I made this one from 100% cotton interlock, from the same ebay supplier as the stripey stuff.  It was a pleasure to sew, lovely and stable, but obviously it does not have the same stretch and recovery as a lycra blend.

I sized up to 45 bust and 50 hip and it fits nicely, although it is a loose fit rather than a T shirt type fit.  That’s fine.  It’s for wearing to work anyway, so loose is good.  I love this blue polka dot, and it will go with all sorts of bottom half items I already have.

The Hummingbird sewalong starts on Monday, so I will trace off the patterns over the weekend in order to try and keep up this time.

A white shirt.

Vogue 8716

Vogue 8716

Very Easy Vogue 8716.  I need this shirt.  And I need it now!

Not sure i have the time to make it before the Hummingbird sew along starts though, so it may have to wait.

The fabric is a beautiful white cotton seersucker from Croft Mill, one of my favourite sources of fabric.

I’ll be making View A.

Cabarita top, finished!

image image

The Cabarita top is finished.  My previous experience with Steph’s patterns led me to believe I should size down if between sizes, but actually this is a little too small for me, hence the photos are on Brunhilde.  Never mind, it’s a learning experience, and I will give it to a friend who’s a bit smaller, and when I make it again I will size up to the 45 bust and 50 hip.

It’s Cabarita time ….


With apologies to Status Quo!

My next project is the Cake Patterns ‘Riff’; the Cabarita knit top.  I love this and can’t wait to see how it makes up.

The Riff patterns are a simplified version of a pattern which has basic instructions for construction and can be customised to fit whatever size and shape you happen to be.

I’ve gone for a 40 bust and 45 hip, with a slightly extended sleeve.

My fabric is cheapo 4 way stretch viscose  jersey from ebay (seller is Tia Knight).  I love the bright, wide  stripes, quite different to what I would normally wear!