And my first blog project is …

The Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt.

I’m making View A.

I spent a considerable amount of time enlarging this pattern to fit myself.

image image
The fabric is a black linen mix, embroidered with a big trailing floral design in tiny white cross stitch, purchased at Jo-Ann’s whilst I was recently on holiday in the USA.  It was on sale.

I’m using a plain black cotton lawn to line it.

The fabric is pre washed and ironed, and I’m just about to read through the pattern instructions prior to cutting it out.
Wish me luck!


Well, here we go …

Welcome to my little corner of Blogland.

This is where I will record my journey into sewing my own wardrobe; wadders and all.

I’ve been sewing again for a year or so, after an absence of about 30 years.  I’m rusty, yes,  but much more patient than I used to be.  I now have a much fancier sewing machine, an overlocker, more time on my hands, and the space to spread out.  And now there’s all the wonderful resources of the world wide web at my fingetips as well – how did we ever manage anything without it?

On this blog I will record my successes and failures in pictures and words.

My first blogging project will be ….

…….. wait and see!