an appeal on behalf of a local store

My local haberdashery store, Ribbon Circus, was devastated by catastrophic flooding on Boxing Day.

Unfortunately, many businesses in this small, riverside market town have been flooded before, and so insurance against flood risk specifically has proven to be a problem.

The local Women’s Institute has started an urgent appeal for funds to save Ribbon Circus, and I do my part here by bringing it to your attention.

Happy New Year!



How Does It Feel To Be An Over Achiever?

How Does It Feel To Be An Over Achiever?.

I’ve joined Karen Ball’s wonderful fundraising initiative for the National Literacy Trust by pledging to sew myself a long sleeved jersey top, by September the 10th, which I’ll post on my blog soon.

Please support this very deserving cause. Reading has been my means of escape and my lifesaver, and I hope for many others to find it so.

Pure Barrie Breeks …


I made pants!  This is a trial pair of the recently released Barrie Briefs pattern from Kitschy Coo Patterns.  Amanda is best known for her amazing kids clothing made from bright and cheery Lillestof jerseys, which she also happens to stock in her shop.

According to Amanda, ‘Barrie’ is an Edinburgh slang term meaning ‘excellent’, and ‘Pure’ is widely used in Scotland as a superlative.  And these really are the most excellent pants ever!

I made these technicolour wonders from scraps of jersey leftover from other projects.  I made the largest size (I’m a RTW UK 20).  The pattern has options for low and medium rise.  I prefer a high rise, so I modified the pattern slightly, adding 2″ to the length of both the back & front pattern pieces.  The result is a perfect fit on my natural waist, and everywhere else, for that matter.

The instructions are beautifully clear and concise, and they took 90 minutes to make, including pulling scraps of fabric out of the waste basket, printing and sticking the pattern together (just 5 pages), cutting out and sewing on the overlocker.

I’m wearing them today, and I can honestly say they are the comfiest, best fitting pants ever.  I will definitely be making lots  more!

The Beanbag of Awesomeness …

Late last year I bought a piece of cotton with a Japanese Animé print from Evie at Pendle Stitches.  It had my 7 yr old neice’s name all over it, I knew as soon as I saw it.  Japanese animation being something of a ‘special interest’ of hers 🙂

I finally got around to doing something with it this week, after procrastinating for far, far too long.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I give you

The Beanbag of Awesomeness, so named by my neice, who seems rather pleased with it.


One side side is the print fabric purchased from Evie.


The reverse side is soft brown corduroy, embroidered with small coloured flower blossoms.


I finished the opening with 6 big yellow buttons for easy removal and washing/replacement of beans.

Not an especially skillful or challenging piece of work, but it made a small person very happy!

A Rumble in the Jungle …

Hello, and happy new year everyone!


My contribution for Jungle January is the Style Arc Kristin dress.  Actually, I’m not sure what this fabric is.  It was sold as Ponte, but it’s quite thick & springy, possibly Scuba?  It has a good widthways stretch, which is handy.  It was quite nice to sew, except where any pressing or manipulation was required, in which case it was the devil’s work.

When I first made it I really wasn’t taken with it, thinking animal print all over might be a tad too much.  I asked the husband; Is this dress too much?  No, he said.  It’s not enough.  It needs a tail on the back….


Anyway, I made it in size 18, with no alterations and the fit is spot on.  For some reason the pattern asks you to insert a long zip in the centre back seam.  I figured it wasn’t needed, and indeed it isn’t.  It goes on over the head without any difficulty at all.  Yay for simplicity!

Style Arc Fiona

When I heard Style Arc had released a pattern with my name, I was immediately interested.  When I saw it, I was smitten!  A beautiful, 3/4 sleeved, shawl collared jacket pattern, designed for knit fabric; it’s right up my alley 😉

I actually sewed this before I went away, but I didn’t want to broadcast that I was going away, (you never know who’s looking) so I’ve waited until now to post it.


I sewed it entirely on my overlocker, and cut it out and stitched it in a single day.  It was a very, very easy make.  I used a navy Ponte Roma.  I found the Ponte a bit beefy really, and when I make it again I will probably use a heavier cotton spandex jersey.  The Ponte is a nice weight for this time of year though, and I specifically wanted it for wearing for air travel.  I absolutely love it!

I haz new Toyz!

Hello peeps!  I’ve been on the most awesome trip to Australia and New Zealand for the past 5 weeks.  I had the best time, simply the best.  I wish we could sell up and move to New Zealand, but unfortunately personal circumstances will not permit.

Still, it’s good to be home.  And, as promised, I have news about major improvements to my sewing room.

I have a new sewing machine, delivered today.  It’s the Janome MC8900QCP, which is currently on offer in the UK with £500 off the usual price and a free Mettler thread kit.  I had promised myself a new machine as a retirement present and was still deliberating which to buy from a shortlist of three, but this brilliant special offer sealed it.  I ordered yesterday and it was here this morning.  Take a bow Sewing Machines Direct, excellent service once again 🙂


I also have a new overlocker (serger), the Janome 744D, which is now exclusively available in the UK from Sewing Machines Direct.  She came with a gazillion special feet for gathering, binding, cording, beading etc.  It’ll take the rest of my life to learn how to use them.  The really big deal about this wonderful machine though,  is the ease of threading!  My previous overlocker was a brilliant little machine, but oh my word, she was so hard to thread.  This one though, is a breeze.  The lower looper conveniently pops out for threading and then clicks back into place.  Simples!


Not only that, but I have a wonderful new height adjustable sewing and cutting table, from Horn.  It’s the Sewer’s Vision table and is new to their range.  It  takes up so little room and suits my purposes perfectly, (woohoo, no more backache!)  and was a birthday present from my lovely husband 🙂  The pillows under the table are where my cat likes to sleep when I am sewing!


And finally, I have lovely new stash storage courtesy of Ikea.  My room is all set up and ready to go.  I am a very happy bunny indeed!


Now, what to sew??